One year later…

I have been writing this blog for a year now. I am continually surprised at you all reading it. I am thrilled. I always thought I would be a writer of poetry (poems full of teen-aged angst filled my high school journals) but that did not come to pass.

What have I learned? Quite a bit and not yet enough!

  • I only recently learned how to insert links to other web pages and my previous blog pages.
  • I have too many meaningless categories. This is because I had no idea what categories and tags were when I started, so I made a new category for each blog as I went along. I don’t know if I can re-categorize or un-categorize past posts without them getting published again and that would just look stupid!
  • I have figured out a bit of blog etiquette on how to do commenting and liking of other bloggers’ posts. And replying or liking comments on mine. It was a few months into the experience before I knew how to see if there even were comments and I may have deleted early comments by blindly emptying the spam folder! Sorry!
  • I am inundated with email notifications of new blog postings and I don’t want to unfollow you wonderful readers so … what to do?
  • I have no idea how to print out my own blog pages. I don’t even know if my words are still mine or if they belong to WordPress or the ether, who knows?
  • I did eventually figure out pictures but don’t know if I can delete them from the media file without deleting them from the previously posted blogs. And then what happens when there’s no more room?
  • I am afraid of trying to change the theme/background/layout of the blog for fear of deleting the whole thing and having to start over!
  • Writing the blog has interfered with writing my memoirs. The thoughts shared on my blog even in the context of food and recipes are my experiences over the past year. And so much would seem repetitive if i tried to rewrite them in my memoir document.
  • I have very much enjoyed “meeting” all of you by reading your blogs. Some of you I can relate to on an emotional level, some on an interest level, some for shared experiences, and some to share different experiences, and probably in other ways as well.

Seems to me that I have learned a great deal of what I do not know yet!

Let the adventure continue!


15 thoughts on “One year later…

  1. Under “notifications” (click on your icon in the upper left corner on your wordpress to get to the page) you can choose the wordpress notification, email notification, and/or some IRIVER NS-14T004 notification (I don’t know what that does) 🙂 And congrats on the one year anniversary!

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  2. Happy Anniversary! I wish I’d learned a lot of things faster. At 3 1/2 years it would take forever to make some well needed changes. So I just move on and shrug. Does it need to be perfect? Nah.

    I do know if you delete the media file picture it deletes the picture from your post. And you can delete any catagory without it affecting posts. Just make sure all of your posts are tagged in Recipes so they always show up in the Reader. You’ll get more traffic.

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