Dining Al Fresco (or is it Fresca?)

The sun came out this weekend. Yay! We bought dirt and planted the herbs and flower seeds for Four O’Clocks which rarely turns out. Four O’Clocks were in the front of the house where I grew up and I’ve been trying to get a bed going ever since I moved into this house. Some day?

When we bought dirt we came across the updated version of the Gas Grill that Hubby really likes. The one we have is breaking down bit by bit. So what the hey? We buy the new one. We also splurged on reclining zero gravity chairs, cheaply made, but at a great price!

Tonight we dine out. Cheeseburgers on the grill are a favorite and so simple to do. Hubby is the grill master!

the new grill is in the background; and look who is under the table?

On or table here are our cheeseburgers on plain hamburger buns. The onion rings are store-brand ring shaped onion “cookies” since they are formed with diced onions. These were purchased on a whim, nothing to be proud of! We have homemade ketchup Special Sauce,  and a summer salad Salad Days. For this salad I drizzled a bit of Persian Lime Olive Oil, a squeeze of fresh lime, and a couple pinches of Fleur de Sel. The lime-mint combination is very refreshing as I found out when Hubby and I made a Mojito earlier in the week to experiment with cocktails.

layers of watermelon, cucumber, chopped mint leaves, and feta cheese

The iPhone is on top of a speaker as the source of beautiful classical music to enjoy with our cheeseburgers. We ate. We watched the birds in the bushes. A bumblebee buzzed around the yard. And the cat lounged about under the table. A lovely way to end the weekend. Now it is back to the daily grind…but the Memorial Day three day weekend is coming up next! Yay!


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