Fresh, fresh fish



Just when I thought I had nothing to write about our neighbor left us a cooler full of freshly caught fish. He found a new fishing spot that has been very fruitful. I think these are trout.


My mother would have just gotten in here and manhandled these without qualms. I am not my mother’s daughter regarding this. I don’t know how to clean and dress fish for cooking. Luckily Hubby loves to fish and even has a filet knife to do the job. I scoot around him and the fish entrails in the kitchen trying to get the “ooh, icky” grimace off my face. At one point I ask if what he was doing was the proper thing to do and he replies “Do you want me to do this?” with that “stop being a kitchen bully” tone of voice! Okay, yes, I want him to do this beheading and gutting, absolutely!


Meanwhile I fix a bit of couscous and mixed vegetable. He decides to cook the fish on the grill so I go to the camping trailer to retrieve a foil grill pan for him to use. Once this is used it can be thrown away. Usually I do not use disposable pans but this is fish whose head and guts have been just removed and were swimming around that very morning. I get a brief glimpse into what vegetarians might feel when they think about meat. Maybe. Probably not. My sense is one of ickiness, not of moral outrage. I am an omnivore and I don’t plan to change.

Now Hubby removes the skin and then the bones. This is a delicate process. He does a better job than I do. Even though I have to pull one or two tiny bones out of a few the forkfuls I have put in my mouth. Nice tasting fish and we did not season it at all.

20160518_221330936_iOSHere Kitty waits for his bit of seafood! But this fish did not come out of the sea; is it still seafood? River food? Hmmm?


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